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Pyramids pharma Company is one of the fast growing health care suppliers in Kuwait and Egypt , of wide array of the most innovative and latest aesthetic, facial, body and medications and technologies in the world . With the fast-growing innovations in aesthetic medicine, we venture to deliver to our customers the best products and devices they require.
Pyramids pharma Company strives to set standards of excellence, explore new opportunities and pursue innovations. We take in pride for our effective customer relations because the company management focuses on delivering the products and services that address the needs of a dynamic economy and meeting customer requirements.

Our products provide a diverse range of products treatment applications that meet the needs of many medical speculates. Our main technologies are facial devices, skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, and other med. spa activities. we provide products such as Anti-Aging products, Mesotherapy, PRP, Dermal Filler, Skin Care, Vitamins and Anti-Aging solutions as sub distributors in Kuwait so we are looking to expand and be an exclusive distributors in Kuwait and Egypt .
On the other hand, we work in hospitals and pharmacies supplies, for example (drama pens, roller, laboratory supplies, blood pressure monitor, digital thermometer, oximeter, gloves and face masks)

We are looking forward to expand our company profile in the field of derma, gynecology, and medical devices
We are already present in Kuwait and Egypt through our companies : 

Media house co
Social media management (Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Snapchat) and designing and producing content
media campaigns exclusively in the State of Kuwait
Billboards on the streets and highways in Kuwait 


  •  Al Batal company for medical supplies 
  • 7 Arab Union Street, Ain Shams, Cairo M - Arab Republic of Egypt
  • As we are the exclusive agent for Excellent Hi Care Pvt., Ltd (OPTIMA brand )
  • For inquiries:

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• Optically c lear,sterile,non Pyrogenic Solution
• Premium ophthalmic grade HPMC in Balanced salt solution,Double filtered Double pouched for your safety
• Easy to open FLIP DOWN seals on vials
• Consistent visosity 


• Sterile,non Pyrogenic Solution
• Fast Action, Rapid miosis
• Pouch packed for your safety
• FLIP OFF seals on vials


• Premium injection grade quality sodium hyaluronate material
• Premium injection grade quality sodium hyaluronate material
• Premium injection grade quality sodium hyaluronate material
• Premium injection grade quality sodium hyaluronate material

Tunis st, Hawally , Kuwait       

  • HelMob : 69005854
  • Telefax 22610199
  • Telefax 22610199
  • Kuwait
  • Tunis st, Hawally , Kuwait 

  • HelMob +20 122 733 6837
  • +20 128 455 1161
  • Egypt :

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